2017 show dates

3/24 - New Braunfels, TX - Head for the Hills Music, Arts, and Brew Festival (12am)

4/1 - Cedar Creek, TX - Flowstorm 2017 w/DRRTYWULVZ & Firewalk (12:00)

4/6 - Denver, CO - Purple Couch Presents : AtYyA Drrtywulvz and Soulacybin 

4/15 - Houston, TX (Secret Location, Email for info)

4/22 - BLOOM! Seattle, Washington w/ Somatoast

4/24 - Wormhole Tahoe 4/24 w/ Somatoast, Drrtywulvz & Detox Unit

 4/26 Oakland, Califronia - Wormhole Wednesday Somatoast இ Drrtywulvz இ Detox Unit

4/29 Chico, California (TBA)

4/29 Nevada City, California -  ◆ ☼ ◆ Street Ritual Spring Showcase ◆ ☼ ◆

5/4 - Austin, TX - Create Culture w/ SpaceGeisha

5/11 - Fayetteville, Arkansas - Temple Thursdays

5/20 Austin, TX - Shutter Vision Underground Campout

5/25 -5/28 Burning Flipside (sets unannounced)

6/2 Austin, TX RUSH : A Summer Celebration of Austin Arts

7/1 San Francisco, CA - TBA

7/8 - Denver, Colorado (TBA)

7/13 - 7/17 -Hibridge, WI - Infrasound Festival 2017

7/21 - 7/24 Haugen, Montana - Pirate Party 2017

8/17 - Antelope, OR (Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse Festival)

10/27 Greenbriar, Arkansas - Phantom Flux Festival 2017


Levi Promo-17.jpg


 Coming from the small town of Bulverde, TX, DRRTYWULVZ has been hard at work for the past five years; a passionate musical project aiming to take listeners on an interesting, electronica journey filled to the brim with brain-melting frequencies and earth-shaking bass. 


Levi Witt, the auditory wizard behind the impressively crisp production, currently resides in Austin where he continues inspiring dancefloors everywhere. Others have certainly noticed, and large festivals such as Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest and Burning Man have brought DRRTYWULVZ to their stages as he has released several albums, including his most recent creation, “Ah Yes”. 


The pleasantly alluring compositions of DRRTYWULVZ can be closely compared to the glitch and psydub of Tipper or Kalya Scintilla, yet his unique approach to euphoric dub styles is nothing short from extraordinary. Open your mind and prepare to howl at the moon, for the energetic melodies and innovative beat patterns of DRRTYWULVZ will blow you away.